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Since at Nami House we will only recommend activities or places we have tested ourselves, we have created the section Tested & approved. In this section, you will find some of our good tips.

Of course, all the tests will be carried out in a totally anonymous way cool


The extreme testers

The sweet Sue-Ellen and her loyal associate Bodhi (Patrick Swayze’s official understudy in Point Break) will be testing a new activity, restaurant, local speciality, etc. every month.

This week, we decided to test the Anglet Surf Spirit surf school, one of the best on the Basque coast.


Experience the thrill with Anglet Surf Spirit!

I had no arms left after fifteen minutes…

Paschal – the real Patrick Swayze double tongue-out– welcomes us in his little hut located on the seafront of the Madrague beach.

After a quick look at the ocean, we load the boards and go to check 2 or 3 spots. Finally, we decide to go to the VVF beach in Anglet.

Over there, there’s a lot of water, the period is long and the waves are dusty. To translate for the uninitiated: I had no arms left after 15 minutes and I struggled like crazy to catch waves wink.

Fortunately the next day, the swell direction changed. So we left to surf at La Barre, a small clean left located at the mouth of the Adour river.

Well, it’s not exactly that yet… But I promise: in a few months Gabriel Medina will have something to worry about!


What if I did it again?

To conclude, I had a great week of surfing! Not only is Paschal very professional, but he really takes the time to observe the students to give them a maximum of advice. All in a great mood!

Moreover, he takes the students to the spots in the Landes and along the Basque coast. Groups are made up of a maximum of 8 students.

What about you? How are your surfing lessons going? Tell us about your best ( or worst experience !

The last word goes to Paschal:

Paschal d'Anglet Surf Spirit surfe sur la plage du VVF à Anglet



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