Nami House: an eco-friendly hostel!

As both nature and sea lovers, at Nami House, green & eco hotel for backpackers, we work every day to preserve our idyllic living environment by the sea smile!

That’s why we have implemented a series of measures to preserve our environment, promote eco-responsible tourism and encourage our guests to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

These measures concern:

1. Water and energy

  • In order to save water, all our taps are equipped with aerators, when possible we installed push-button taps, all toilets have dual flush technology, and wetsuits are rinsed in a large water bin.
  • We have chosen green energy suppliers: we get our electricity from Enargia, a local cooperative of the Basque Country which supplies 100% renewable energy (photovoltaic + wind-powered + hydroelectric). Gas is supplied by ILEK which produces 100% biogas.
  • To reduce our electricity consumption, we only run full loads of clothes/bedsheets or dishes, clothes or bedsheets are always washed at low temperature and are air-dried (no dryer) while dishwasher is always run on eco mode.
  • Moreover, we only use energy-saving light-bulbs (LED, at least class A) and some lights work with motion detectors or timers.
  • Finally, we decided not to install air conditioning: all our bedrooms and the living room are equipped with fans to lower the temperature during summer!

2. Recycling & repairing

3. Waste sorting

  • All your waste is carefully sorted to make the most of it: recyclable waste (metal, cardboard, plastic bottles), glass, paper, light bulbs and batteries, compost for the garden… dry bread for Willy 😉
  • As for used textiles, if they are still usable they are donated to charities (Red Cross), otherwise, they are recycled into rags.

4. Cleaning products and breakfast

  • For the cleaning, we do not use any chemical product but the micro-fibres from ENJO, which are amazingly effective!
  • As for the cleaning products which we can’t go without (dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and disinfectant), we only choose certified ecological products.
  • We decided not to provide any disposal paper towel, paper napkins or toiletries.
  • For breakfast, you will get mostly seasonal fresh fruits from local producers and fresh and delicious French baguette from our local bakery… at the end of the street  wink !

5. Other initiatives

At Nami House, we have set up several measures and taken initiatives to move towards eco-responsible tourism and promote good ecological practices among our guests:


  • Posters are displayed to kindly remind our guests to save water and energy. Posters provide basic information such as turning off the lights and electrical appliances when leaving a room, not letting water run, drinking tap water since it’s perfectly safe to drink rather than buying plastic bottles… Eco-friendly measures implemented at Nami House can be found in our booklet at the reception.
  • In order to reduce food waste, guests checking-out can make available for the other guests in the “help yourself” areas the remaining food they don’t bring with them rather than throwing it away.
  • Together with Surfrider Foundation where Clément is volunteering, reusable water bottles and thermos bottles are for sale at Nami House.

Don’t hesitate to come and discuss with us about our eco-friendly measures, we are always happy to share and think together how to make it better!