Surf & French classes

Surf lessons

For those of you who want to enjoy the amazing waves of the Basque coast, we have selected – and negotiated the best rates wink – with the friendliest (and certified) partners!

Group lessons

Want to learn to surf or improve your surfing style? Whether you are a total beginner or an intermediate surfer, we offer the best deals with our local partner Anglet Surf Spirit, a licenced – and the friendliest! – surf school in Anglet.

Group classes up to maximum 8 students – for dedicated advices – they’ll bring you to the best place between Anglet and Hendaye depending on the surf conditions.

Individual classes

Looking for private surf training (groups up to 4 people) or premium surf coaching (surf sessions filmed and analyzed)? You can expect such high level services from internationally-renowned professional surf coaches at Power Surf Center in Anglet.


Let us know when booking at us, so that we can arrange surf lessons for you during your stay at Nami House!

French language classes

Want to learn or improve your French during your stay at Nami House ?

SOFI 64 is a well established French language school committed to provide you with the very best conditions for a true immersion in French language and culture !

They are ideally located in a lovely fully renovated house only minutes away from the hostel and even closer to the beach which is perfect for your «French & Surf » program.

With spacious premises, a truly dedicated team of teachers and a diversified range of French courses, SOFI 64 will provide you with an exceptional learning experience.