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We’ve already told you about Nami House. But not yet why we chose this name or which secret it holds…



Tsunami 津波, does this ring a bell?

In tsunami, there is tsu, the harbour in Japanese and nami… the wave! Tsunami literally means “harbour wave”.

For more information on why the expression “harbour wave” is used to designate a huge and dangerous wave, we let you study its etymology…


At Nami House we love waves, especially the perfect small ones you can find in Anglet. And we also love Japan. Therefore, we decided to take inspiration from this country for the decoration of the rooms as for the name of our guesthouse.


Why Japan ? Nan de Nihon?

Because it’s such a great country! But also because Fanny used to live there for 3 years and we absolutely have to go back!


We are fond of:

  • Japanese food: sushi, ramen, udon, kare raisu (Japanese curry rice), okonomiyaki, etc. We could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Okay, in the morning, it’s a bit more difficult… I promise, for those who have already tried it, we won’t serve you natto for breakfast),


  • Hello Kitty (especially Clément!),
  • the unique Japanese style with the famous cosplay: you know, these costumes teenagers and salary men who could get frustrated with their hard working week, wear in Harajuku, Tokyo,
  • Japanese language,
  • Zen philosophy and nature,
  • Japanese toilets, with a heated seat, an adjustable cleaning jet and a built-in bum dryer (Japanese people are so creative!),


  • and finally, Japanese indoor slippers (including those for the toilets). By the way, if you come to our house, we’ll lend you a pair!


Now you know all about the why and how of Nami House!


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またね (matane) !

Fani & Kuleman

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