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Why talking about Alaska in a blog about the Basque Country?

Simply because, like every summer, an unmissable outdoor festival took place in Biarritz, in the gardens of the City of the Ocean:Thursdays by the Ocean!

The town council provides an open-air stage with music bands, dancers, acrobats, and great documentaries, along with deckchairs!


And what does a Basque guy do when he’s far from the Basque Country?

He just travels around! The two Basque guys who were talking about their trip that evening were not just anybody: Damien Castera, European longboard champion (surfing, that is) and Mathieu Crépel, double world champion of snowboarding.


The water cycle from a surfer’s point of view

Rather than pursuing their professional careers in a series of competitions, the two friends decided to go for an adventure to tell us about the water cycle, in their personal way…


Dessin illustrant le cycle de l'eau

©Eithne Darcy, licence d’utilisation


Instead of doing it like at school, with the glaciers melting, the little drops of water running down the rivers to the sea, then evaporating in the clouds, they decided to do it “surfer style“.

With beautiful board sports pictures! First of all in the mountains, in the middle of totally virgin spaces, then going to look for the capricious swells of the Pacific Ocean.


Affiche du film Odisea : l'Alaska au fil de l'eau


Emotional moments

On their way, some surprising encounters…

  • surprising: the kind of little creatures you’d rather see on TV than in person,
  • charming: it makes you realize that the life of an Alaskan (that’s how we name them) is not exactly the same than the one of a French guy…



We watched a very good documentary, with beautiful images, colourful characters and above all, two guys who were not afraid to throw everything away to go on an adventure!

Did that make your mouth water? Take a look at the trailer instead:



Tell us what you think about it, and if you liked it, please pass it on!

CLem & Fanny

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