Our rooms

Nami House has 4 spacious bedrooms accommodating up to 15 people:

One Japanese-style bedroom for 2 people + 3 dormitories for 4 to 5 people. All our rooms are both mixed & shared.

Fans of Japanese & Hawaiian cultures, we wanted to recreate these atmospheres in the house, in order to make you feel laid-back and comfortable and make your stay at us more enjoyable.

Japanese style bedroom Amami, 2 to 3 people

If you have not yet tried out the way Japanese people sleep and are intrigued, you can try traditional Japanese bedding in our shared Japanese style bedroom, for an unforgettable stay at Nami House!


Amami bedroom can accomodate 2 people (possibility for one extra futon for a third person: contact us). It has 6 real tatami mats covering the floor: the tatami mats are made of compressed rice straw covered with finely woven rush straw.

You will sleep on a futon mattress (thicker than traditional Japanese futons, to make you sleep comfortably wink ) laid out over the tatami mats. Those can be organized either as individual beddings or as a double bed.

When booked as a shared room, the two beds are separated with a Japanese divider to guarantee your privacy.

Such as our dorms, this bedroom is mixed-sex.


A unique opportunity to test the traditional Japanese bedding!


Shared dorms 4/5 people

You will have the choice between our 3 mixed dorms accommodating 4 to 5 people. The bedrooms are spacious, bright and comfortable.


  • Fire Rock room has 5 beds: 2 bunk-beds and 1 single bed.
  • Both Big Wave and Longboard dorms can accommodate 4 people:
    • Big Wave has 2 bunk beds plus its own large en-suite bathroom.
    • Longboard has 1 bunk-bed and 2 single beds.

Our bunk beds have curtains to get more privacy at night.

All beds are 90x200cm and have their own bedside table and lamp.

All our rooms have cupboards or shelves so that you can store your personal belongings and settle in comfortably.