Our amazing team !

For a unique experience in the Basque Country !

Hello, my name is Fanny

After 3 years living in Japan, I am a big fan of this amazing country, its very particular culture, its nature and definitely addicted to Japanese cuisine!

You’ll find several touches of Japanese inspiration in Nami House and in particular in Amami bedroom…

I love international way of life and meeting people from all over the world!

Hola, me llamo Don Clemente

During my trips all over Latin America, South East Asia and Europe, I particularly enjoyed meeting and sharing with new people.

I am a big fan of surf sports and I would be more than happy to advise you on local surf spots & conditions, and join you for a surf session!

black cat sitting next to a tiger puppet

Meaw, mon nom est Timie

(on the right of the picture wink)

After many years hanging around in Paris, I Iuckily found Fafa & Clem to take care of me!

Come and stay at Nami House: they are pretty cool and never forget to give me delicious morning kiskous tongue-out !

You may think I’m a legend (which I am!)… but the pillow on which I spend 20hours/day sleeping attests I am real wink.

Wouf, it’s me Willy!

I am the new team member! By chance, my new parents crossed my path and I decided to get adopted by them!

I’m super kind… with those I know (especially girls) – and just beautiful according to everyone. However I hate water, fresh or salt… nobody is perfect wink

For those not nice, beware! Your shins will be my delight (see hidden picture …)!